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Step by Step Process


We are a Full Service General Contractor offering handyman to complete remodeling / tenant improvement services for homes, commercial and industrial buildings…with specialties’ in structural repair / rehabilitations and waterproofing. 

Handyman- Determine on phone call; the scope of work being requested, time frame, schedule, and complete on standard time and material charges. Work is typically a job of 3-5 days.  

Initial consultation With our staff, to assess your building and design needs, wants, and wish-list. This helps us in establishing a rapport with you and assists us in the planning process of the project and knowing where our attention is needed.  

Feasibility study- Can include one or all of these factors;

  • Neighborhood home value
  • Square foot values
  • Preliminary budgets compared with similar PDX projects
  • Preliminary designs
  • Estimate with moderate itemization

Conceptual agreement- We will take measurements and photographs, consider the style and construction of the project, and develop a realistic budget. We will clarify that the project is achievable within the budget, and discuss the factors that can take the project over budget.  

Design agreement- Develop a final design that fits within the budget. This can include new & existing floor plans, exterior & interior elevations, new & existing electrical plan, and any engineering consultation ( structural and/or geological ),

on site visit with our staff supervisors & sub-contractors to develop the final budget. Documentation of the project is presented in a complete package that outlines the scope, detail, quality & quantity, and will accompany the project through-out. 

Execution of construction contract- Implement a “Construction agreement” based upon the design and specifications that were determined in the design agreement phase. Upon signing the documents the construction phase will begin.  

Apply for permits- F/X Repair & Remodeling will apply for any necessary permits to complete the project. 

Pre-construction Meeting- Before construction begins we will set-up an on-site meeting with the home or business owner, the project manager, designer, and architect ( if necessary ) in order to discuss details and make sure everybody’s on the same page. This will help ensure a smooth running project through-out the construction process.  

Begin construction- With scheduling agreed upon, the actual construction phase will begin. After construction begins F/X Repair & Remodeling will hold regular meetings with the customer. This includes the project manager who will discuss the schedule, any site related issues, or other concerns related to the project. The customer will be kept informed of the progress of their project, and will receive consummate care in regards to property and communication.  

Before we finish- We will walk through and develop a punch list of items that you would like addressed before we complete the job.