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F/X Repair & Remodeling is always at the ready to help with all your repair needs. We have Hundreds of years of combined experience performing repairs all around the Portland/ Vancouver metro area. With F/X Repair performing your repairs you get this experience from the support staff through our employees in the field. This shows through in the way we diagnose the problem and find the right solution to remedy the problem .This figures into savings in time and money for our customer with all the confidence that it was performed by a knowledgeable and  reputable company.
Siding replacement F/X Repair & Remodeling has its’ own employees and run its’ own crews. We do use  subs but on a limited basis for specialty work and in the trades that we are not licensed  for like Plumbing & Electrical. At F/X we perform repairs from structural to cosmetic,  inside and out, for our Residential, Commercial & Industrial customers.

  If you are thinking about selling your home or business having the necessary repairs  done  before the home is inspected can save you many sleepless nights and weeks of  worry that the  home sale won’t go through. If the home has been inspected and the  inspector has given you a list   of repairs that need taken care   of, by a reputable company, in   a timely fashion F/X Repair is   there to help.

Finished to match
We are a Full Service General Contractor. That means that with just one call to F/X Repair and the problems can be  solved. We can handle all your repair needs from your Foundation to your Roof and  anything in between!
F/X is happy to work with home owners, property managers, superintendents or maintenance directors to make your job easier, knowing that you have a qualified contractor you can trust and count on. At F/X Repair & Remodeling we have been told “Having F/X as your contractor is like having an auto mechanic you can trust! You don’t want to go anywhere else!” F/X is all about building trusting relationships that you can count on!

Every smart home owner knows that making repairs before selling will improve the chances of selling at a higher sales price.
Bathrooms and kitchens are the top home improvements that will return the most money upon resale. Every year, the National Association of Realtors, in conjunction with Remodeling Magazine, publishes the Cost vs. Value Report. Nationally, a minor kitchen remodel, gives you the most bang for your buck. In the western part of the United States, that return was more than 100%.

But what about installing a new roof, replacing an older furnace or painting? How much do those types of repairs add to the bottom line at your real estate closing? Should you put in new carpeting? How much will dated wallpaper distract from a sale?
If you'd like to make money on your home improvement efforts, you should consider the time of year, competing inventory similar to your house, the temperature of the marketplace and the location of your property, among other important factors . . . find out more about repairs before selling with a feasibility study.

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